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class 3 recording

Freddy TV Pitch - Open Source Vigilante

Open Source Vigilante

(Repurpused last week's film pitch for a tv pitch)
  • Tag Line
    • Kid genius Tay Lecom is on her search for father’s scammer, which brings her to the wild lands that is the internet, where a team of internet vigilantes is at war with the cybercrime organisation, w0rldsm1le.
      • Think Summer Wars/Digimon meets wild west/samurai movies.

  • Paragraph/Set up (was going to have 2 separate paragraphs but ended up combining them)
    • In this world, the internet is presented as another world where your Internet ID is a more fantastical version of yourself. In the internet you can be anybody: a muscular 10 foot dragon ninja or a prince from Nigeria. The internet has cities and stores like the real world, but no goverment, which gives scammers the opportunity to do as they will with innocent people. That is what happens to Mr. Lecom, who after an internet scam is sent to jail. Now is up to her daughter, Tay, to find the clues and evidence that could save her father and defeat the cybercrime organisation, w0rldsm1le. Not an easy task, as w0rldsm1le has countless minions spread through out the network that will impede, presented on the internet world as real battles with swords, guns, blaming on lag, etc.

  • Average Episode
    • The main goal of every episode is for  the protagonist find a clue that could help proof Mr. Lecom, or other innocent people that where scammed, innocence (evidence that the person was scammed, video footage of what the person was doing while the fake crime was comited, stolen information or money, etc.). Obstacles in the forms of monsters, cowboys, ninjas,  or whatever said cybercriminal decided his ID would be will impede the protagonists process.
    • Although the overall genre would be action/adventure, every episode would have its own genre that would be presented at the beginning of the episode (with film language, not literally.)
      • For example, an episode based more on thrillers may start with an internet heist, while an episode based on westerns may start with a duel.

  • Episodes
    • Episode 1 (Pilot)
      • After unsuccessfully trying to defeat a 10 foot skeleton that could have information of her father, Tay is presented to a team of internet vigilantes.
    • Episode 2
      • While fighting a squad of unicorn ninjas, Tay reveals more about what has happened about her father with their new teammates.
    • Episode 3
      • After having trouble defeating a Japanese cat who sell illegal dating sim video games, the team finds help from an unusual source: Tay’s father.
    • Episode 4
      • One of Tay’s teammates, ComputerMan, a wrestling star now computer star owner tries to teach Tay how to open more to people to defeat their next opponent: a flamboyant microphone in search for some karaoke battle. … and some fun.
    • Episode 5
      • A member of the team reveals his dark past, he was a previous member of w0rldsm1le. Meanwhile the rest of the team are dealing with a troll. Yeah, that kind of troll.
    • Episode 6
      • Part One of a two-parter
      • After defeating their official 50th minion, the vigilante team feel that they are on roll, but a treason from within the team may change that.
    • Episode 7
      • Final Part of the two-parter
      • The team (the humans, not their internet id) is stuck on an elevator with no access to the internet.

  • Set up… of how I would plan this show to work
    • Its an episodic show, with a goal for each episode, each arc of a season and the eventual show
      • The first season would deal with proving Mr. Lecom
      • The complete series (thinking two seasons) is to defeat w0rldsm1le.

(The following drawings are from last week's pitch but felt they still apply.)

Dane Armour HW Week 2

Nautilus Boy

Tagline: Sent to infiltrate and plot an invasion against the world above sea level, Nort the Nautilus must juggle the voices in his head, his pants and his heart as he navigates the trials and tribulations of Junior High.

Paragraph: Nort is an undercover Nautilus who is really just trying to fit in, live up to the expectations of his Father (and commanding General), pass all his classes, understand his hormones and out of control (literally) sex drive, not get beat up and win over the girl of his dreams.

Average Episode: Nort is really just a teenager who wants to live a normal life, problems and all, but everytime a normal teenage moral conflict rears it's head he is overwhelmed, conflicted between taking orders from his overbearing Father, meeting the demands of the student curriculum and surviving the social battle ground of school life. With every episode a seemingly simple problem spirals out of control as Nort runs around trying to please everyone, keep up the his admittedly poor disguise and reign in his over active sex drive.

Episode Ideas:

"Sex Ed": The final exam for Sex Ed is fast approaching, Nort and his rival Thorston (who hates Nort for usurping his place as biggest dork in the class) are both frantically putting the final touches on their projects when the class bully bursts into the library and destroys them both. Now Nort and Thorston must work together to make the best Sex Ed project ever!

"Sea Ahoy": Nort tricks his father into cancelling the invasion by inviting him to a school ball themed 'Under the Sea'.

"Excursion Incursion" : On a school excursion to the aquarium Nort realises the horrors of animal cruelty and plots to save the sea creatures on display with the help of his big crush, Elsa.

"Bully Bust" : After one too many toilet dunkings, Nort lashes out at the grade bullies, revealing his true identity and scaring them to hell. Now he must manage the awkwardly forced freindships with his abusers in order to stop them from spreading the word.

"Valentines Hush": It's Valentines day and Nort has finally built up the courage to tell Elsa he likes her, but his stray tentacle has it's sights firmly set on the substitute teacher.

Brian W - tv pitch: RDF

1)Tagline: An overzealous rookie cop is demoted and forced to join and coexist with a misfit group of peace loving environmentalists.

2)Danger girl meets baywatch with dolphins.

Rio Dolphin Force

An action comedy, set in the tropical region of Rio. An overzealous cop is demoted and put in a misfit group of environmentalists. The groups are at odds until they find out that they have a common enemy and need to work together in order to put a stop to the the evil biological experiments of the mega corporation

3)Each episode will start off with a problem that will develop some aspect of the story and involve a new biological monster or evil minion, ending in a climatic battle at the end. Kind of like power rangers, or sailormoon.

Each episode will contain one battle scene as well as one T & A scene.
Each episode will end with a narrative twist to make you want to watch the next episode

First major arc, would be the formation of the team and how they learn to cope and function as a team.


Episode 1
Beach scene.
Character setup
establish conflict between Sasha and the rest of the dolphin force.
and bad guy setup (mystery)
poachers (twins) taking some endangered starfish
battle scene: Poachers (twins) chase scene.
T&A: Starfish over chest during chase scene.
Twist: RDF blamed because of all the damage they caused during the chase.

Episode 2
RDF girls pose as the twins and bring the endangered starfish to a fancy aquarium in downtown RIO
girls are led into a secret area, showing all kinds of rare and endagered animals
T&A: twins undercover outfits
battle scene:

Episode 3
Intro to villains. Poachers are broken out of prison by ninja agent posing as their lawyer.
Sasha reprimanded for destroying public property during chase last episode
battle scene: prison break.
T&A: Guard seduction by ninja agent
Twist: the poachers have had a homing device planted on them.

Episode 4
Sasha and Leila jump the gun and tail them to their hideout. Dance club.
Introduce the poachers as part of a larger organization with a mastermind behind it all.
Battle scene:Sasha and Leila are discovered as undercover agents and have to fight their way out.
T&A:Sasha and Leila go undercover as dancers.
Twist: Dance club leads to a secret facility.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Jade's Journal - Week 2 - Kennedy Tarrell

Jade’s Journal

I wrote this for pre-k (ages 2-5ish) so please excuse the incredibly simple plots and learning crammed into every episode! (Idk, I just think preschool programming has a lot of cool stuff you can do with it?)


Jade is the living embodiment of a five year old asking "Why?" all the time, and she has just one goal: fill up her research journal with every fact she can about the nature around her. Together with her little "co-researcher" brother, Jade attempts to catalog the world starting in her own backyard!

An aspiring environmental scientist and quick thinker, Jade (Age 6) is endlessly curious about plants, climate, and animals. Although she's full of questions, what sets Jade apart is her desire to find the answers herself. The comedic foil and occasional hapless tagalong to Jade’s antics, Rory is Jade’s two-year-old brother. He too is an eager (although bashful and mischievous) learner! Jade's journal focuses on teaching children ages 2-5 about their environments.  Because weather, animals, and geology vary from location to location, Jade’s interests span all climate zones, and she’ll often focus on things in nature that everyone faces. (Like gravity! You can’t escape that!)

Average Episode
Jade's passion for astronomy leads to a covert nighttime mission up to the roof. When Rory finds his sister noting constellations in her journal, he joins in on the mission! But his insistence on being "closer to the sky" forces jade to explain the power of telescopes.


1.) Jade starts the first chapter of her journal, and decides to press fall leaves in it to save. What is chlorophyl and why do leaves change in some parts of the world? Jade is determined to find out, while Rory is determined to jump in a pile of her pressed leaves.

2.) Rory's day: Rory decides to go on a research mission of his own: stalk the "wild" pet cat. When a series of accidents befalls the journal, it's up to rory to forge some findings! He's two, so this doesn't go well.

3.) It's a snow day! Jade's  finds a way to collect samples of snow "testing" only to find that her research has been assembled into a snowman! What can they learn about the climate from this guy?

4. ) Are cacti dangerous? Rory seems to think so! Jade and Rory take a trip to the kitchen windowsill to learn about these desert plants and their ability to retain water. Jade's succulent collection gets a little out of hand, and Rory has to teach her the art of subtlety in plant decorating.

5.) Rory gets a betta fish, and no, Rory, you just can't pet it. Instead, Rory and Jade assemble a cruelty-free fishtank! (That has to be a thing, right?!) What's the deal with fish, anyway? Rory and Jade find out.

Hi-Gear Battles - Week 2 - TV Pitch

Logline: We follow Mira through their adventures in the space colonies greatest sport: Robot combat! Paragraph: Set in space the story revolves around a shy, unassertive girl by the name of Mira. She's always been such a huge fan of robot battles, and even has started toying around with building her own custom robot. She usually shys away from any challenges and chickens out of this years tournament sign up. Luckily she has an aggressive older sister that signs her up for the tournament and forcibly starts a team with Mira. Together they take on the rival colonies in pursuit of becoming champions of the Space Colosseum.

Characters: Mira: This girl eats, sleeps and dreams robots. She's a bit of a quiet wallflower and keeps to herself at school. But she has a competitive fire burning within her she's been too shy to let out. She has a huge interest in participating in tournaments and being on the same field as her heroes.
Nova: Going to college for robotics Nova has always had a huge passion for robots. She used to do robot combat when she was younger but didn't really participate in the tournaments or any means of professional combat. For her it was just a way to test new parts she invented. Now that her sister is showing a similar interest she is aggressively pushing her little sister to blossom on the battlefield. Also gives her a chance to field test out new inventions again heh heh.
Mom: Supportive of her robot-crazy daughters she runs a space delivery shop that delivers to multiple colonies. She often has Mira and Nova run out packages when she gets a little swamped with work. Often this results with some unsavory run-in's with the daughters rivals.
Mach: A robot that Mira has been tinkering around with building for years. Nova uses an experimental AI she developed to give him life. Mach tends to be a sarcastic robot that slowly warms up to the girls.
Average Episode: Mira wakes up glued to the screen listening to the latest Space Colosseum news. Wearing a t-shirt of her favorite robot STARCRUSHER. A commercial comes on announcing sign ups for the new local tournaments. Her sister Nova elbows her suggesting she should sign up and that her robot Mach has come a long way. Mira deflects but still heads over to the sign up station anyways. The person in charge asks Mira where her robot is and Mira freaks out about to run away when her sister Nova shows up with Mach. Begrudgingly both Mach and Mira sign up for the tournament. Nova promising Mach better and newer parts, and convincing Mira how cool it would be to fight on the same field as her heroes like STARCRUSHER. But for Mira to be accepted in she needs to fight an initiation battle. It goes really rough in the beginning, Mach not listening to Mira's directions and being really sarcastic the whole time. They pull it together after Mira convinces Mach that they "Need to work together if they are going to achieve their goals." And they pass the first initiation test by the skin of their teeth.

Space Pirates: Suddenly kids robots go missing from kids from their colony. Mach gets gets kidnapped as well! Will Mira and Nova be able to save them?
Sibling Rivalry: Mom gives their Mira and Nova money to celebrate them entering the tournament. Things go sour as the sisters fight on what new parts to buy. 
Surprise Enemy: Mira runs into her first rival, which unfortunately is her best friend.
Dumpyard Squabble: Mira and Nova go scrap yarding for new parts. They run into a group of discarded robots who battle them to defend their home from thieves.
Wage War: One of Nova's old rivals comes to challenge Mira finding out Nova is back into robot fighting again. Will Mira be able to stand up to this seasoned brawler?
Musical Rumble: She must unwind the secrets to his rhythmical battling style before its too late!
Final Battle: Mira and Nova must battle one of the Space Colosseum Stars (previous tournament winners). Their final opponent is their father.

TV PITCH HW! - Jason

Tagline -

Emma must do what she can to survive after a city wide redistricting initiative leaves her as the only

human in a high school made up entirely of space monsters.

 Paragraph -

 Emma has only ever wanted to keep her head down, get good grades, and go to a nice college.

However, when she unexpectedly begins her freshman year now making them the only human

student at a space monster high school. On her first day  she is recruited by the captain of the

“Combat Sports Team” to take the position of SHADOW RANGER! Now She must face off against

the colorful superhero teams of other schools as a villain!


The TEAM CAPTAIN has been pressuring EMMA to use more of her abilities as the SHADOW

RANGER even though EMMA insists she's still uncomfortable using them.

They get challenged by a rival team and the TEAM CAPTAIN pushes EMMA to summon her

SHADOW ROBO to help them defeat them. EMMA summons the SHADOW ROBO but it goes

haywire and starts wreaking havoc on the whole school! The team then works together to stop the

machine and bring it back under EMMA's control but not before a significant portion of the school is

destroyed. The next day they're all in detention and the TEAM CAPTAIN reluctantly apologizes and

agrees to let EMMA get used to her abilities at her own pace.


1- EMMA is trying to get through her first day of high school without incident when she gets cornered by one of the biggest trouble makers in school.

2- EMMA comes to term with her new role as the SHADOW RANGER and meets the other members of the combats sports team. She learns about how intramural teams compete to represent the school and gets into a scuffle with one of their rival teams at school.

3- While bonding as a team over the weekend a SUPER HERO team from a nearby prep school shows up! The teenage MONSTERS and HEROES are itching for a fight but EMMA just wants to enjoy her weekend.

4- When EMMA attempts to summon her SHADOW ROBO the machine goes crazy and starts wrecking the entire school. The whole team must work together to bring it down.

5- The events of the previous day lands the team in detention. Which is a battle royale arena where only the strong are allowed to go home for the day. The event is overseen by the Principal SPACE DEMON QUEEN who seems to have it out for EMMA.

6- The team returns to class to find the destroyed portion of their school completely repaired. They start starts swapping tall tales about the mysterious JANITOR on campus. Wanting to know the truth they create a huge mess and camp out at night to see who/what the JANITOR really is.

7- The TEAM CAPTAIN gets a little hot under the collar after she gets picked on by one of her older SEVEN DEADLY SISTERS and challenges her team to a fight. Does the team have what it takes to beat them even when they seem so severely outclassed?

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Kaitrin Snodgrass HW 2 "Campbell's Best Hero Crew"

Campbell’s Best Hero Crew 

TAGLINE: Three heroes use their ability to dance and magic in conjunction to save their town from destruction. 

Campbell City is steeped in magic and mythology. Although the people of the town embrace their magical culture they have not shied away from the Modern world. And as with most culture Modern dance crazes have also hit the town. Our heroes are bestowed with magical powers that they use in conjecture with their dance abilities.These heroes were summoned together because a dark force threatens the town of Campbell. A powerful wizard known as Master Nefarious wants to rid the city of all modernity and frivolous dancing. He uses evil talismans (which turn into statues when defeated) to create monsters and cast spells over the town. With their agile dance abilities and magical powers our heroes make a formidable team. If only they get over their differences to work together as a team.

Average Episode: A Wolf/Eagle hybrid monster summoned by Master Nefarious has been seen all over town destroying electronic shops. Our heroes have try to figure out why it is only attacking the electronic stores. At first they try to fight the creature head on but are quickly overpowered. After doing some investigate work the realize which store is the creatures next target. They set a trap and work together with some awesome dance/fight choreography to return the creature to his talisman form; a small stone statue. The day is saved ….kinda…they always seem to leave a lot of damage in their wake. 

1. Pilot "Straight outta Campbell”: Three friends who dance together witness a dark magic try to take a civilian. The three rush in to save her. After they save her Aida the Which appears before them. Impressed by their courage she appoint them as the New Guardians of the City and gives them each a power. To Ricky she gives the power of fire. To Shohei the power of Electricity and to Nakia the power of water. The heroes use their powers to defeat strange monsters and creatures that are being unleashed on the City of Campbell by Master Nefarious. 

2. “Let me Lead”: Ricky attempts to be leader when they fight a lizard monster but is bitterly defeated because he is too rash and doesn’t plan. Nakia then says she should be leader but has the opposite problem. She over thinks and is too hesitant. Shohei calmly asks if he could give a go since he’s been researching the monsters and their weaknesses. The other two begrudgingly agree. Shohei is a natural leader and the team works together to take down the monster. Nakia and Ricky excitedly exclaimed he should be the leader since he did such a great job. He shrugs and says “Nah..” episode ends on that note. 

3. “It takes one”: In a effort to prove himself to the other two Ricky decides to investigate the monsters appearances. He ends up getting captured by a monster and the other two have to save him. He’s embarrassed but learns the valuable lesson that he’s part of a team and doesn’t have to go it alone. 

4. “Don’t Sweat the Magic”: It’s a day in the life episode of Nakia. Between dance, super heroing, school, Piano Lessons and her part time job she feels a little stretched thin. The two boys don’t really understand why she’s seem so frazzled all the time. Till they realize how hard she works. The episode will cut back and forth between her daily life and fighting the monsters Master Nefarious sends their way. 

5.  “Mama said Keep it quiet” : A small group of young wizards with no regard for public safety start using magic in the streets endangering civilians. And our heroes have to stop them. Through out the episode however Nakia and Ricky discuss how they wonder what goes on in Shohei’s head. As the team tracks down and tries to apprehend these ruffians Nakia and Ricky’s theories get stranger and stranger. At the end of the episode they bring down the rogue wizards and get them in police custody. Ricky turns to Shohei after all the commotion. “Why do you stay so quiet Shohei?” Shohei shrugs “Well my mom always said if you can’t say anything nice.” Episode ends. 

6. “Fight the Power” : Master Nefarious Finally Shows his face to the town on all the screens. He exclaims how they’ve turned against the ancient ways and he wants to bring it back. A spell is placed on the town and they seem to go back in time. Our heroes have to figure out where the talisman is and how they can destroy it to return the town back to normal. Going to a maze like castle with riddles and monsters they find the talisman and destroy it returning the town to normal. Episode ends with the question “Who is this master Nefarious?” 

7. "Talking bout Magic and Juice" : ‘The Juice Shack’ is all the rage in Campbell now. Everyone is drinking it. Except Nakia and Shohei. Nakia believes they add to much sugar in that junk and it’s not healthy anyways and Shohei doesn't get why you would mix vegetables together to make an even more disgusting drink. Slowly the town starts acting strange, including Ricky. Everyone starts destroying their technology as if they are possessed. Its up to Shohei and Nakia to snap Ricky out of it and figure out why this is happening. Eventually they realized ‘The Juice Shack’ Is a front and Master Nefarious has put a spell on those who drank the beverages. After fighting the monsters (disguised as humans) who run the shack they are able to break the Talisman and return everyone to normal. 

Andrew Freire HW 2: TV Pitch- "Flatworld"

1)   Tagline: In a world made of paper, mail is the primary mode of communication and mailmen are considered heroes and explorers who must brave epic journeys to deliver the mail at any cost.
2)   Paragraph: Franklin is a hard-working mail-carrier aspiring to be the world’s greatest mailman one day, like his long-lost father. One day, he receives a mysterious box in the mail from his dad. The Box springs to life and the two unlikely companions set out on a journey to help Franklin achieve his goal and find his missing dad.
3)   Average Episode: “Artsy Fartsy”: Franklin and Box are assigned to deliver a master painting to a museum in Coast City, but they must be careful, as there is a famous Art thief on the loose. On their way to the exhibit, they are intercepted by the thief. He steals the painting and they must retrieve in in time for the museum’s Grand Opening! After a long, painstaking, epic chase, they retrieve the masterpiece only to discover it’s a painting of a cartoon fart for a Modern fArt museum. Franklin and Box come to realize that art can be just about anything, and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.
4)   First 7 Episodes:
“Pilot”: Franklin, an aspiring mailman receives a mysterious package from his long-lost father.
“Firefrost Mountain”: Franklin must deliver the mysterious box he received from his father to the top of FireFrost Mountain. A redhead mailwoman named Rose and a hothead mailman named Hugo accompany him and the three unlikely partners must work together to reach the summit.
“The Mailstrom”: Franklin and Box are entrusted with the Postmaster General’s world-class Mailtruck- the “Mailstrom 3000”. After a joyride they end up stranded and have to get it back to HQ- learning the meaning of responsibility along the way.
 “Crash Course”: Hugo crashes the mail carrier plane on a deserted island. Franklin and Hugo must put aside their differences to survive.
Check, Mate”: Franklin and Rose are tempted to take the money and run when they discover a blank check for millions of dollars on their delivery route.
“Artsy Fartsy”: Franklin and Box must deliver a “masterpiece” to a modern art museum in LA.

 “Return to Sender”: Franklin, Hugo, Rose, and Box must journey to the Land of Lost Things to retrieve a package the Postmaster General lost many years ago.

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class 2 recording


2) paragraph
3)average episode (paragraph)
4) first 7 episodes (paragraph, or sentence each, not too long)

Freddy - Pitch #2 The Orion Nursery

 The Orion Nursery

(I was doing this idea first, but I felt I could really complete it and decided to go for the other one. But thought of sharing because I like the tag line.)

  • Tag Line
    • Its a break out of prison movie, but the jail is the Orion nebula and the inmates are stars.

  • Paragraph
    • Anthropomorphic stars are born in the Orion Nursery, but are unable to escape. The nurse, the overprotective caretaker, lives in peace with the toddler stars until unexpected visitors (the Gravitational Waves) try to separate them and bring them to the open space. The nurse tries his mightiest to escape from the visitors until the eldest of the stars reveals that he wants to go with them.

  • Characters 
    • Nurse
      • A creature of the nebula made out of the same materials. Extra caring for all the stars… too caring
      • Vessel
        • Based on my parents.
        • Over protective
      • Angle
        • Never distant. Wants to be as close.
      • Wants/Needs
        • Want: Company
        • Need: Solitude
      • The truth is that it does want to the stars to go away.
      • Needs to learn to let go.
    • Elder Star
      • The shiniest of the stars… which makes his solar winds so strong that other stars are unable to grow, becoming tadpoles.
      • Always with a headache, just tries to get away of everybody. The storm is the star becoming a 
      • Vessel
        • Based on my nephews and teenagers in general.
      • Angle
        • Is distant to everybody until he meets the gravity waves.
        • After becoming a solar system outside of the nebula, becomes more energetic.
    • Tadpole Stars
      • Vessel
        • Based on my youngest nephew. Always with a smile no matter the situation… not that he is happy. He just always has a smile.
        • Curious, which leads them to follow the eldest star to leave the 
    • Gravitational Waves
      • Based on bikers.

  • Product
    • An animated short accompanied by print illustrations (like The Dam Keeper)

Ice Boys

Ice Boys 
“An all male synchronized figure skating team has to prove they’ve got what takes to make it to nationals and show guys can skate gracefully too” 

Aleksei is a freshmen at St. Rufus College. A school that used to have a championship hockey team. Due to a sexual harassment scandal the team is disbanded right before the school year starts. All Aleksei wants to do is skate doesn’t matter speed, hockey or figure he just wants to be on the ice. With  no hockey team left (and not wanting associate themselves with that incident) only the shabby remanence of a synchronized figure skating team Aleksei does some research and falls in love with the sport. He decides to make it his mission to get all the displaced skaters to join him on his quest to make this team a reality and make it to nationals in Colorado. 


A. Vessel-A mix between Kenneth Parcell from 30 rock  and Makoto Tachibana from Free! 

B. An overly optimist character who sees the bright side of life. He is however very sensible and like to be pragmatic most of the time. Often his optimism will over power him and he’ll quickly realize he’s bitten off more than he can chew. A naive boy from a small town who is just trying to do his best and get his team to nationals. His Brash optimism and determination can also be his down fall.

C. He wants to get a team together and make it to nationals but what he needs is to learn how to be a good leader/friend.

D. He relates to the other characters by bringing the team together and the captain. Often he is more like a team mom with this rowdy cast of characters

A Vessel-Tsunade from Naruto 

B A cynical x-champion synchro skater who at first wants nothing to do with these crazy kids. She’s a senior at the university and the last remander of the old team. She feels conflicted because she doesn’t  want to leave with no one to take over the team but she also is sure a bunch freshmen idiots don’t really have what it takes. 

C. She wants to make it through her senior year in one piece what she needs is to leave behind the legacy of the synchro team and help the guys fulfill their goals. 

D. She is the Coach of the team. She tries to keep their goals realistic while pushing them to their full potential. 


A. Vessel Dean Winchester 

B.  Daisuke is Aleksei’s roommate. He takes himself way too seriously and feels like he has the world on his shoulders. He is an extreme inline skater who gets roped into joining the team. At first he sucks which he finds very frustrating since he is good at inline skating but eventually because a valued member of the team. 

C. He wants to prove himself to everyone. What he needs is to accept who he is. 

D. He is the deadpan man of the group. Always telling it like it is no sugar coating. He is the pessimist to Aleksei’s optimism. 

Coach Pike 

A. Vessel- Lucius Malfoy 

B. A Manipulative Man, Coach Pike is only interest in serving his best interests and the interests of the Football team. Some members of the foot ball team were involved in the scandal and were removed from the team. The school could not shut the team down because football is the school biggest money maker. Coach Pike wants to recruit some to the skaters since these guys can take a beating and keep going. He constantly bothers them and tries to get the Skating team shut down. 

C. He want to get his team to the Daisy Bowl(made up football championship). What he needs is to learn that manipulating and hurting people will not get you what you want. 

D. He is manipulative rude and clever. He acts as the villain in this story and wants to hurt our characters. 


A. Joey Tribbiani From Friends

B. A good hearted guy Roman joins the team because he admires Aleksei’s passion. Roman is easily confused and often misses the point in most conversations but he means well. Because of his good hearted nature and naivety he ends up being swayed by coach pike.

C. He wants be a part of a team. What he needs is to learn who his real friends are. 

D. He is a good friend, kind hearted and honest which make his betrayal all the more shocking. He is easily manipulated by others and convinced by compliments. 


A. Vessel- Johnny Weir and Tamaki from Ouran Host Club 

B. Johnny is the Diva of the group. The only guy the group to actually be an actual figure skater he feels like because of his experience he should be the leader and often has a hard time following directions. He also like being the center of attention and causing drama. He’s secretly a good guy though and actually wants their team to succeed. 

C. He wants to be the center of attention. He needs to learn when to be a good team player.

D. He stirs up the drama on the team. He is also the sassy comic relief. He says the bitchy comments that everyone is thinking. Though he acts like jerk he actually means well and uses his snarky comments to get the team to move forward. 

Based on webcomic (this is what my webcomic I am working on will be about) 

Since a skating team needs at least 16 people there will also be a hand full of secondary characters who are on the team. 

More ref images 

Moloney Pitch - Gnome King

1) Tag line. On Chuck's 13th birthday his life is flipped when he finds out he's half gnome and is now king of the Gnomes.

2)  Chuck is a techno junkie kid living in a terrible orphanage .  On his 13th birthday his full gnome grandma appears and kidnaps him to take his place as King of the Gnomes.  It's like harry potter but instead of a wizard he is a lame ass gnome.  With the help of his Grandma Bee, Chuck has to train in the ways of the Gnomes to take his place on the throne. 


1. Chuck -Protagonist
A)Sean Astin from goonies
BANGLE - A modern character that doesn't want to be apart of this lame world.
C)Wants to get life back to normal.  Needs to embrace his heritage and nature.

2. Bee - Chuck's Grandma
A)Thurop van orman
B)ANGLE - Views Chuck as a means to an end.
C)Wants Chuck to become the new King.  Needs to accept Chuck for who he is.  

3.  Buttercup - Chuck's first friend in the woods.  A talking walking flower.
A)Steve Buscemi from Escape from LA.
B)ANGLE - Sees Chuck as a way up the ladder 
C)Wants to become rich.  Needs to have someone trust and believe him.
D)Shows world isn't just black and white

4.  Bobbi - A Gnome girl
A)Hates humans and modern world
B)ANGLE - Sees Chuck as a threat to her land
C)Wants her world to be safe.  Needs to understand modern world isn't going anywhere.
D)Becomes love interest.  Shows him he could have a life here.

5.  Corgi - Member of the Gnome king guard
A)Beatty my girlfriends dog and DRAX from guardians of the galaxy
B)ANGLE - Have fun and enjoy the moment.
C)Wants to make Chuck and all around him happy and needs nothing.
D)Shows how fun the world can be.

6.  Blutto - Peter Dinklage head of Fox Clan
A)ANGLE - Doing what he thinks is best for the kingdom, even if it means upsurping the bloodline.  Views Chuck as an outsider.
B)Wants to see his family rule - Needs to see potential in Chuck
C)Makes life hard for Chuck and gives him extreme challenges.

4.  Show product 
- This is a hero's journey story that enters a huge fairy/woods realm.  I could see it being a comic book or childrens book before a movie.