Monday, April 4, 2016

Horrorshow, Bizarre Bazaar, Party Quest, Shopkeeps

It's gone through a lot of names haha. This is a joint project between me and my husband Jason Dwyer! We often write and design together.

Tag line: Tag along with 4 spunky shopkeepers going on bizarre quests in a fantasy world of adventure.

Paragraph: Set in a charming  world brimming full of outlandish characters and extraordinary floral and fauna. We will be following the brave story of four heroes! Wait..wait no that's wrong, I meant Shopkeepers! In the beautiful city of Market Town that contains every shopkeeper imaginable. Market Town is port town with a " Dry" part of the city and the " Wet" part of the city that's underwater home to many sea-creatures. We will be exploring Market Town with Gilbert! A real fish out of water this one, he's a water dragon that's lived under the sea most of his life. His parents run a pawn shop, but Gilbert feels like that's a waste of his untapped potential. With his friends Shun, Paneri and Tato he's slowly finding what kind of shopkeeper he wants to be.


Gilbert:  Our main character is a Water Dragon hailing from the more wetter side of Market Town. He's got a lot of charisma and always knows what joke to say to make you smile. He has a lot of adaptability which lends a problem to what sort of shop keep he wants to be....or if he even wants to be one! He goes through flavors of the day, wanting to be a professional wrestler, bomb shopkeeper, hero, villain and often his imagination runs wild. An extroverty very energized by being around people.

Shun: A very hardworking and disciplined butcher. She's taken over her mothers butcher shop so her parents can go to farther and more distant lands to hunt for more exotic meats. She is often a cynic at times and very stubborn. She never gives up on anything, especially people. She's an introvert and people can be draining on her at times. She's often made fun of for being half-werewolf/half flower elf but she shrugs it off most of the time, all she cares about is the quality of her work. 

Paneri: A bubbly sweet patisserie witch that's Shun's shop neighbor. She's always optimistic and has a beautiful spin on everything. Shun still is trying to get a handle on her magical abilities so sometimes things will go awry like her food suddenly being alive. She's very passionate but will also be swept up into the moment of things. She also has a fear of flying and wants to be accepted by the other witches. 

Tato: Shun's cousin, he's a wood elf hailing from the forests outskirting Market Town. He's a very calm, relaxed and the most patient out of the motley crew. As a wood elf he can manipulate wood to his will. So he carried a staff with him to turn into a sap bow whenever he needs be. Tato's job is a delivery man. He will tie packages to his arrow and launch them to their destination. He's very well traveled and often the book worm of the group. He will often try and avoid confrontation and will deflect with jokes if something is bothering him. 

Pizza Witch:  Runs of a pizzeria where she uses magic to make outstanding pizzas. Pizza witch is a social media junkie always trying to get recognition. It started as a way to get people to notice her pizza shop but she became very self-absorbed along the way. She often will bully Gilbert and his friends making snide remarks to her friends and constantly acts annoyed by them. Pizza witch is the youngest from a very big family and does all she can to get noticed by her family and her more successful siblings. She often talks in pizza related puns. 

Jonesy: The local door to door sales man. As slimy as he is crafty. He will often bother Gilberts crew into buying some of his wares or others. He has a really cheerful personality but is ten kinds of  troublemaker.


Gilbert: Goku / Children  

Shun: Aubrey Plaza

Paneri: Kyari/ How Lorraine Grate dresses really cute

Tato: Snufkin / Spike from Cowboy Bebop 

Pizza Witch: Angelica from Rugrats

Jonesy: Tim Curry


Gilbert: To figure out who he wants to be and what he wants to do.
Shun: Make her shop the best meat shop in town and make her parents proud.
Paneri: Good times with good friends. Wants a lot of friends. 
Tato: Just wants people to get along.
Pizza Witch: Recognition
Jonesy: Money

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