Monday, April 4, 2016

Freddy - Pitch #2 The Orion Nursery

 The Orion Nursery

(I was doing this idea first, but I felt I could really complete it and decided to go for the other one. But thought of sharing because I like the tag line.)

  • Tag Line
    • Its a break out of prison movie, but the jail is the Orion nebula and the inmates are stars.

  • Paragraph
    • Anthropomorphic stars are born in the Orion Nursery, but are unable to escape. The nurse, the overprotective caretaker, lives in peace with the toddler stars until unexpected visitors (the Gravitational Waves) try to separate them and bring them to the open space. The nurse tries his mightiest to escape from the visitors until the eldest of the stars reveals that he wants to go with them.

  • Characters 
    • Nurse
      • A creature of the nebula made out of the same materials. Extra caring for all the stars… too caring
      • Vessel
        • Based on my parents.
        • Over protective
      • Angle
        • Never distant. Wants to be as close.
      • Wants/Needs
        • Want: Company
        • Need: Solitude
      • The truth is that it does want to the stars to go away.
      • Needs to learn to let go.
    • Elder Star
      • The shiniest of the stars… which makes his solar winds so strong that other stars are unable to grow, becoming tadpoles.
      • Always with a headache, just tries to get away of everybody. The storm is the star becoming a 
      • Vessel
        • Based on my nephews and teenagers in general.
      • Angle
        • Is distant to everybody until he meets the gravity waves.
        • After becoming a solar system outside of the nebula, becomes more energetic.
    • Tadpole Stars
      • Vessel
        • Based on my youngest nephew. Always with a smile no matter the situation… not that he is happy. He just always has a smile.
        • Curious, which leads them to follow the eldest star to leave the 
    • Gravitational Waves
      • Based on bikers.

  • Product
    • An animated short accompanied by print illustrations (like The Dam Keeper)

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