Monday, April 11, 2016

TV PITCH HW! - Jason

Tagline -

Emma must do what she can to survive after a city wide redistricting initiative leaves her as the only

human in a high school made up entirely of space monsters.

 Paragraph -

 Emma has only ever wanted to keep her head down, get good grades, and go to a nice college.

However, when she unexpectedly begins her freshman year now making them the only human

student at a space monster high school. On her first day  she is recruited by the captain of the

“Combat Sports Team” to take the position of SHADOW RANGER! Now She must face off against

the colorful superhero teams of other schools as a villain!


The TEAM CAPTAIN has been pressuring EMMA to use more of her abilities as the SHADOW

RANGER even though EMMA insists she's still uncomfortable using them.

They get challenged by a rival team and the TEAM CAPTAIN pushes EMMA to summon her

SHADOW ROBO to help them defeat them. EMMA summons the SHADOW ROBO but it goes

haywire and starts wreaking havoc on the whole school! The team then works together to stop the

machine and bring it back under EMMA's control but not before a significant portion of the school is

destroyed. The next day they're all in detention and the TEAM CAPTAIN reluctantly apologizes and

agrees to let EMMA get used to her abilities at her own pace.


1- EMMA is trying to get through her first day of high school without incident when she gets cornered by one of the biggest trouble makers in school.

2- EMMA comes to term with her new role as the SHADOW RANGER and meets the other members of the combats sports team. She learns about how intramural teams compete to represent the school and gets into a scuffle with one of their rival teams at school.

3- While bonding as a team over the weekend a SUPER HERO team from a nearby prep school shows up! The teenage MONSTERS and HEROES are itching for a fight but EMMA just wants to enjoy her weekend.

4- When EMMA attempts to summon her SHADOW ROBO the machine goes crazy and starts wrecking the entire school. The whole team must work together to bring it down.

5- The events of the previous day lands the team in detention. Which is a battle royale arena where only the strong are allowed to go home for the day. The event is overseen by the Principal SPACE DEMON QUEEN who seems to have it out for EMMA.

6- The team returns to class to find the destroyed portion of their school completely repaired. They start starts swapping tall tales about the mysterious JANITOR on campus. Wanting to know the truth they create a huge mess and camp out at night to see who/what the JANITOR really is.

7- The TEAM CAPTAIN gets a little hot under the collar after she gets picked on by one of her older SEVEN DEADLY SISTERS and challenges her team to a fight. Does the team have what it takes to beat them even when they seem so severely outclassed?

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