Monday, April 11, 2016

Freddy TV Pitch - Open Source Vigilante

Open Source Vigilante

(Repurpused last week's film pitch for a tv pitch)
  • Tag Line
    • Kid genius Tay Lecom is on her search for father’s scammer, which brings her to the wild lands that is the internet, where a team of internet vigilantes is at war with the cybercrime organisation, w0rldsm1le.
      • Think Summer Wars/Digimon meets wild west/samurai movies.

  • Paragraph/Set up (was going to have 2 separate paragraphs but ended up combining them)
    • In this world, the internet is presented as another world where your Internet ID is a more fantastical version of yourself. In the internet you can be anybody: a muscular 10 foot dragon ninja or a prince from Nigeria. The internet has cities and stores like the real world, but no goverment, which gives scammers the opportunity to do as they will with innocent people. That is what happens to Mr. Lecom, who after an internet scam is sent to jail. Now is up to her daughter, Tay, to find the clues and evidence that could save her father and defeat the cybercrime organisation, w0rldsm1le. Not an easy task, as w0rldsm1le has countless minions spread through out the network that will impede, presented on the internet world as real battles with swords, guns, blaming on lag, etc.

  • Average Episode
    • The main goal of every episode is for  the protagonist find a clue that could help proof Mr. Lecom, or other innocent people that where scammed, innocence (evidence that the person was scammed, video footage of what the person was doing while the fake crime was comited, stolen information or money, etc.). Obstacles in the forms of monsters, cowboys, ninjas,  or whatever said cybercriminal decided his ID would be will impede the protagonists process.
    • Although the overall genre would be action/adventure, every episode would have its own genre that would be presented at the beginning of the episode (with film language, not literally.)
      • For example, an episode based more on thrillers may start with an internet heist, while an episode based on westerns may start with a duel.

  • Episodes
    • Episode 1 (Pilot)
      • After unsuccessfully trying to defeat a 10 foot skeleton that could have information of her father, Tay is presented to a team of internet vigilantes.
    • Episode 2
      • While fighting a squad of unicorn ninjas, Tay reveals more about what has happened about her father with their new teammates.
    • Episode 3
      • After having trouble defeating a Japanese cat who sell illegal dating sim video games, the team finds help from an unusual source: Tay’s father.
    • Episode 4
      • One of Tay’s teammates, ComputerMan, a wrestling star now computer star owner tries to teach Tay how to open more to people to defeat their next opponent: a flamboyant microphone in search for some karaoke battle. … and some fun.
    • Episode 5
      • A member of the team reveals his dark past, he was a previous member of w0rldsm1le. Meanwhile the rest of the team are dealing with a troll. Yeah, that kind of troll.
    • Episode 6
      • Part One of a two-parter
      • After defeating their official 50th minion, the vigilante team feel that they are on roll, but a treason from within the team may change that.
    • Episode 7
      • Final Part of the two-parter
      • The team (the humans, not their internet id) is stuck on an elevator with no access to the internet.

  • Set up… of how I would plan this show to work
    • Its an episodic show, with a goal for each episode, each arc of a season and the eventual show
      • The first season would deal with proving Mr. Lecom
      • The complete series (thinking two seasons) is to defeat w0rldsm1le.

(The following drawings are from last week's pitch but felt they still apply.)

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