Monday, April 11, 2016

Hi-Gear Battles - Week 2 - TV Pitch

Logline: We follow Mira through their adventures in the space colonies greatest sport: Robot combat! Paragraph: Set in space the story revolves around a shy, unassertive girl by the name of Mira. She's always been such a huge fan of robot battles, and even has started toying around with building her own custom robot. She usually shys away from any challenges and chickens out of this years tournament sign up. Luckily she has an aggressive older sister that signs her up for the tournament and forcibly starts a team with Mira. Together they take on the rival colonies in pursuit of becoming champions of the Space Colosseum.

Characters: Mira: This girl eats, sleeps and dreams robots. She's a bit of a quiet wallflower and keeps to herself at school. But she has a competitive fire burning within her she's been too shy to let out. She has a huge interest in participating in tournaments and being on the same field as her heroes.
Nova: Going to college for robotics Nova has always had a huge passion for robots. She used to do robot combat when she was younger but didn't really participate in the tournaments or any means of professional combat. For her it was just a way to test new parts she invented. Now that her sister is showing a similar interest she is aggressively pushing her little sister to blossom on the battlefield. Also gives her a chance to field test out new inventions again heh heh.
Mom: Supportive of her robot-crazy daughters she runs a space delivery shop that delivers to multiple colonies. She often has Mira and Nova run out packages when she gets a little swamped with work. Often this results with some unsavory run-in's with the daughters rivals.
Mach: A robot that Mira has been tinkering around with building for years. Nova uses an experimental AI she developed to give him life. Mach tends to be a sarcastic robot that slowly warms up to the girls.
Average Episode: Mira wakes up glued to the screen listening to the latest Space Colosseum news. Wearing a t-shirt of her favorite robot STARCRUSHER. A commercial comes on announcing sign ups for the new local tournaments. Her sister Nova elbows her suggesting she should sign up and that her robot Mach has come a long way. Mira deflects but still heads over to the sign up station anyways. The person in charge asks Mira where her robot is and Mira freaks out about to run away when her sister Nova shows up with Mach. Begrudgingly both Mach and Mira sign up for the tournament. Nova promising Mach better and newer parts, and convincing Mira how cool it would be to fight on the same field as her heroes like STARCRUSHER. But for Mira to be accepted in she needs to fight an initiation battle. It goes really rough in the beginning, Mach not listening to Mira's directions and being really sarcastic the whole time. They pull it together after Mira convinces Mach that they "Need to work together if they are going to achieve their goals." And they pass the first initiation test by the skin of their teeth.

Space Pirates: Suddenly kids robots go missing from kids from their colony. Mach gets gets kidnapped as well! Will Mira and Nova be able to save them?
Sibling Rivalry: Mom gives their Mira and Nova money to celebrate them entering the tournament. Things go sour as the sisters fight on what new parts to buy. 
Surprise Enemy: Mira runs into her first rival, which unfortunately is her best friend.
Dumpyard Squabble: Mira and Nova go scrap yarding for new parts. They run into a group of discarded robots who battle them to defend their home from thieves.
Wage War: One of Nova's old rivals comes to challenge Mira finding out Nova is back into robot fighting again. Will Mira be able to stand up to this seasoned brawler?
Musical Rumble: She must unwind the secrets to his rhythmical battling style before its too late!
Final Battle: Mira and Nova must battle one of the Space Colosseum Stars (previous tournament winners). Their final opponent is their father.

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