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Andrew Freire- Class 1 HW

So I did one pitch and then realized I liked another idea of mine better- so here's the newer one first:

Pitch 2: 

Tagline: When the North Star is stolen from the night sky, a young girl must go on an adventure to retrieve it and discovers her destiny is not written in the stars.

World: The world of this story is the night sky. Each character is a constellation, made up of stars.

Paragraph: Little Dipper is a young girl who lives in a kingdom of Star-people. One day, her North Star goes missing. The town Oracle has a vision that a dark being is stealing all the stars in the night sky, and a prophecy  foretells that the greatest Hero in the night sky will vanquish the Star-thief. So the kingdom gathers it’s greatest heroes- Perseus, Orion, and the Big Dipper to hunt the star-thief and destroy him. Little Dipper accompanies her older brother and acts as his Squire. Along her journey she discovers that she too can be a hero despite her small size, and that she is not destined to be a lowly squire, like the village has prescribed her to be. She ultimately defeats Cetus, the Star-thief with her cunning, and proves that she is the greatest Hero of all.

6 Characters

Little Dipper
Vessel: Ang, from Avatar the Last Airbender
Angle: Little Dipper is one of the smallest beings in the night sky, so the world seems big to her. As a result, she sees things from a different angle and has to use her intellect to her advantage, instead of brute strength like her brother. Although she is the smallest person in the village, she is the brightest.
Want: To be a great Squire to her brother and get her North star back.
Need: To realize that she can be the one to change the universe
Relationship: Little Dipper is the prophesied to serve as a squire to the big Dipper- her older brother.

Big Dipper:
Vessel: Patrick Star
Angle: Big Dipper is one of the biggest constellations in the night sky so most people seem small to him. He tends to overlook details and be a little dense.
Want: To prove he is the Great Hero in the prophecy.
Need: To realize there is power in intellect, and not just brute strength.
Relationship: Big Dipper is little Dipper’s older brother so he is very protective of her. Although he is large and brutish, he has a soft spot for her.

The Oracle:
Vessel: Yubaba from Spirited Away
Angle: The Oracle is a fortune teller so she sees people in terms of their past and their future.
Want: To restore order to the universe
Need: To realize her prophecies are not always true?
Relationship: The Oracle is the one who foretells that Little Dipper will help the Hero of the Universe restore balance. She is sort of like a spiritual guide.

Vessel: The whale from Pinnochio. No-Face from Spirited Away?
Angle: Cetus is always hungry so he constantly is looking for more things to eat.
Want: To eat all the stars in the universe and become the largest being.
Need: To learn to control his appetite.
Relationship: Cetus is the antagonist and the star-thief who has been eating/stealing everyone’s stars.

Vessel: Khan from Mulan
Angle: Orion is a big hunter who is very strong and intelligent. He is particularly upset because Cetus stole his belt-buckle, leading his pants to fall down and embarrass him.
Want: To hunt Cetus.
Need: To step back and let others do their job. Orion considers himself the leader but he needs to let others lead sometimes..
Relationship: Orion is a hunter so he is good at tracking Cetus.

Vessel: Kid Flash from Young Justice
Angle: Perseus is a hormone-raging teen so he is concerned with impressing the ladies and looking good. He is intelligent, and charming, but mostly concerned with winning the heart of Princess Andromeda
Want: To impress Princess Andromeda by slaying Cetus
Need: To take his job seriously because lives are at stake.
Relationship: Perseus journeys with the others to hunt Cetus. He is the comedic relief element to the story.

Product: I think this could make a fun video game as you could shoot stars to defeat enemies, or solve puzzles like building a constellation bridge with your stars and the crossing.


Pitch 1: "Curses"

A cynical treasure hunter is stuck haunted by an affable ghost after he steals a golden idol which holds the key to a city of riches.

Treasure hunter Jack Stone goes on an expedition to find “the Heart of the Jungle” a rare golden idol which supposedly has a map to a lost city that is full of lost treasure. Upon stealing the idol, he realizes it is cursed and he is now stuck with a ghost named Shu. They are then intercepted by a rival treasure hunter who steals the idol for nefarious purposes.  Shu and our protagonist must work together to find the lost city first. Jack then has to choose between returning the idol to its rightful home, or selling it for a vast amount of riches.

3.     Who are your 6 characters?
a.     Vessel
b.     Angle
c.      Want/Need
d.     What do they do for each other? How are they related

Jack Stone
a. Vessel: Indiana Jones; Steve Martin from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
b. Angle- raised by a world-renowned treasure hunter. He was always taught to get the money and get out. Very cynical and untrusting. He has to be cautious in his line of work.
c. Want: to find the lost city and become rich. Need- to follow his heart and do the right thing.
d. This is the protagonist. His lesson will be to learn to follow his heart, so he starts off being selfish, greedy, and cynical- the opposite of the man he will become.

a.     Vessel: John Candy from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Olaf from Frozen
b.     Angle- Shu has been stuck in a golden idol for thousands of years so he is just happy to have a friend and see the world again. He is also the guardian of the golden idol so he must make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.
c.      Want: to make a friend and return the golden idol to the lost city. Need- to move onto the afterlife with his family.
d.     Shu is the comedic element to balance out Jack’s seirous side. He also serves as a conscience for Jack, since he does not really have one.

Dr. Valdis
a.     Vessel- Slugworth from Charlie and the Chocolate factory
b.     Angle- Valdis is only concerned with gaining large amounts of wealth. He is a cold, cool collector of many stolen artifacts and has even stolen priceless pieces of art from public museums. He is obsessed with collecting and thievery and perhaps collects treasure to fill the void in his heart.
c.      Want: To collect the world’s greatest treasures. Need: to realize no amount of wealth or treasure will bring him happiness.
d.     Valdis is the antagonist and serves to show the audience what Jack would end up like if he continues down the path he is on.

Karen Hughes
a.     Vessel: Joan Wilder from Romancing the stone, Ellie from Up
b.     Angle: Karen is proper and sweet. Her passion is writing, and unlike Stone, she always follows her heart, not her mind.
c.      Want: To write a piece on the world’s greatest Treasure Hunter. Need: To realize life is not all fun and games. The jungle is dangerous and one needs a sharp mind to survive.
d.     Karen is a romantic whereas Stone is cold, calculating, and cerebral. She’ll have to soften his hard shell and he’ll have to harden her and teach her survival in the wild.

Richard Stone
a.     Vessel: John Cleese
b.     Angle: Richard Stone is Jack’s father. He taught his son treasure hunting as a bonding experience but was hard on him, because one must be tough to survive treasure hunting. Richard turned to treasure hunting to distract himself from the death of his wife (Jack’s mother)
c.      Want: To become the world’s greatest treasure hunter and pass the family trade onto his son. Need: To accept his son as he is and love him regardless of what he ends up doing.
d.     Richard is a mentor to Jack in a way because he teaches him how to survive. He is also an antagonist however, because his drive to find treasure exceeds his love for his son’s actual happiness.

a.     Vessel: my dog
b.     Angle: Scout is Jack’s dog. He is a good boy and likes to go on adventures with his master. He also likes to chase his own tail and dig up treasures and bones and stuff.
c.      Want: To be a good dog. Need: ???
d.     Scout is like a best friend to Jack. He is probably the only thing Jack cares about other than himself so he serves as a character for Jack to talk to when no ones around and to show the audience that Jack is capable of compassion.

4.     What’s your product? I think this series could easily be a comic or web series. There are plenty of legendary treasures so it could be easily serialized. I think the golden idol would also make a cool toy, or action figures.

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  1. Hey Andrew, I also have a cosmic pitch! Cool! But dont worry, mine is completely different. Still cool to see someone else interested in doing a story in space.