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Ice Boys

Ice Boys 
“An all male synchronized figure skating team has to prove they’ve got what takes to make it to nationals and show guys can skate gracefully too” 

Aleksei is a freshmen at St. Rufus College. A school that used to have a championship hockey team. Due to a sexual harassment scandal the team is disbanded right before the school year starts. All Aleksei wants to do is skate doesn’t matter speed, hockey or figure he just wants to be on the ice. With  no hockey team left (and not wanting associate themselves with that incident) only the shabby remanence of a synchronized figure skating team Aleksei does some research and falls in love with the sport. He decides to make it his mission to get all the displaced skaters to join him on his quest to make this team a reality and make it to nationals in Colorado. 


A. Vessel-A mix between Kenneth Parcell from 30 rock  and Makoto Tachibana from Free! 

B. An overly optimist character who sees the bright side of life. He is however very sensible and like to be pragmatic most of the time. Often his optimism will over power him and he’ll quickly realize he’s bitten off more than he can chew. A naive boy from a small town who is just trying to do his best and get his team to nationals. His Brash optimism and determination can also be his down fall.

C. He wants to get a team together and make it to nationals but what he needs is to learn how to be a good leader/friend.

D. He relates to the other characters by bringing the team together and the captain. Often he is more like a team mom with this rowdy cast of characters

A Vessel-Tsunade from Naruto 

B A cynical x-champion synchro skater who at first wants nothing to do with these crazy kids. She’s a senior at the university and the last remander of the old team. She feels conflicted because she doesn’t  want to leave with no one to take over the team but she also is sure a bunch freshmen idiots don’t really have what it takes. 

C. She wants to make it through her senior year in one piece what she needs is to leave behind the legacy of the synchro team and help the guys fulfill their goals. 

D. She is the Coach of the team. She tries to keep their goals realistic while pushing them to their full potential. 


A. Vessel Dean Winchester 

B.  Daisuke is Aleksei’s roommate. He takes himself way too seriously and feels like he has the world on his shoulders. He is an extreme inline skater who gets roped into joining the team. At first he sucks which he finds very frustrating since he is good at inline skating but eventually because a valued member of the team. 

C. He wants to prove himself to everyone. What he needs is to accept who he is. 

D. He is the deadpan man of the group. Always telling it like it is no sugar coating. He is the pessimist to Aleksei’s optimism. 

Coach Pike 

A. Vessel- Lucius Malfoy 

B. A Manipulative Man, Coach Pike is only interest in serving his best interests and the interests of the Football team. Some members of the foot ball team were involved in the scandal and were removed from the team. The school could not shut the team down because football is the school biggest money maker. Coach Pike wants to recruit some to the skaters since these guys can take a beating and keep going. He constantly bothers them and tries to get the Skating team shut down. 

C. He want to get his team to the Daisy Bowl(made up football championship). What he needs is to learn that manipulating and hurting people will not get you what you want. 

D. He is manipulative rude and clever. He acts as the villain in this story and wants to hurt our characters. 


A. Joey Tribbiani From Friends

B. A good hearted guy Roman joins the team because he admires Aleksei’s passion. Roman is easily confused and often misses the point in most conversations but he means well. Because of his good hearted nature and naivety he ends up being swayed by coach pike.

C. He wants be a part of a team. What he needs is to learn who his real friends are. 

D. He is a good friend, kind hearted and honest which make his betrayal all the more shocking. He is easily manipulated by others and convinced by compliments. 


A. Vessel- Johnny Weir and Tamaki from Ouran Host Club 

B. Johnny is the Diva of the group. The only guy the group to actually be an actual figure skater he feels like because of his experience he should be the leader and often has a hard time following directions. He also like being the center of attention and causing drama. He’s secretly a good guy though and actually wants their team to succeed. 

C. He wants to be the center of attention. He needs to learn when to be a good team player.

D. He stirs up the drama on the team. He is also the sassy comic relief. He says the bitchy comments that everyone is thinking. Though he acts like jerk he actually means well and uses his snarky comments to get the team to move forward. 

Based on webcomic (this is what my webcomic I am working on will be about) 

Since a skating team needs at least 16 people there will also be a hand full of secondary characters who are on the team. 

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