Monday, April 4, 2016

Moloney Pitch - Gnome King

1) Tag line. On Chuck's 13th birthday his life is flipped when he finds out he's half gnome and is now king of the Gnomes.

2)  Chuck is a techno junkie kid living in a terrible orphanage .  On his 13th birthday his full gnome grandma appears and kidnaps him to take his place as King of the Gnomes.  It's like harry potter but instead of a wizard he is a lame ass gnome.  With the help of his Grandma Bee, Chuck has to train in the ways of the Gnomes to take his place on the throne. 


1. Chuck -Protagonist
A)Sean Astin from goonies
BANGLE - A modern character that doesn't want to be apart of this lame world.
C)Wants to get life back to normal.  Needs to embrace his heritage and nature.

2. Bee - Chuck's Grandma
A)Thurop van orman
B)ANGLE - Views Chuck as a means to an end.
C)Wants Chuck to become the new King.  Needs to accept Chuck for who he is.  

3.  Buttercup - Chuck's first friend in the woods.  A talking walking flower.
A)Steve Buscemi from Escape from LA.
B)ANGLE - Sees Chuck as a way up the ladder 
C)Wants to become rich.  Needs to have someone trust and believe him.
D)Shows world isn't just black and white

4.  Bobbi - A Gnome girl
A)Hates humans and modern world
B)ANGLE - Sees Chuck as a threat to her land
C)Wants her world to be safe.  Needs to understand modern world isn't going anywhere.
D)Becomes love interest.  Shows him he could have a life here.

5.  Corgi - Member of the Gnome king guard
A)Beatty my girlfriends dog and DRAX from guardians of the galaxy
B)ANGLE - Have fun and enjoy the moment.
C)Wants to make Chuck and all around him happy and needs nothing.
D)Shows how fun the world can be.

6.  Blutto - Peter Dinklage head of Fox Clan
A)ANGLE - Doing what he thinks is best for the kingdom, even if it means upsurping the bloodline.  Views Chuck as an outsider.
B)Wants to see his family rule - Needs to see potential in Chuck
C)Makes life hard for Chuck and gives him extreme challenges.

4.  Show product 
- This is a hero's journey story that enters a huge fairy/woods realm.  I could see it being a comic book or childrens book before a movie.

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