Monday, April 4, 2016

Pavin's Pitch


A young man who isn’t able to grow a beard, in a tribe of wild bearded cavemen, is forced to find and hunt Coanee, the only living hairy dinosaur, in order to not be kicked out of his village forever.


A wild tribe of hunting bearded cavemen roam the volcanic mountains of prehistoric Europe hunting dinosaurs. One young member, Gerry, isn’t able to grow a beard (or hunt well for that matter) is blamed for their recent shortage of dinosaurs. His cousin, Barron, convinces the whole village that their recent bad luck is caused by Gerry’s hairless face. Unless Gerry is able to hunt Coanee, the only living hairy dinosaur, he will be banned from the village forever and can not return unless he brings back the dinosaur. During the journey, Gerry almost dies from starvation but ends up finding Coanee and surviving after the hairy dinosaur provided him with plants and seeds to eat. Returning to the village, to Barron’s surprise, he reveals to Gerry that he sent him to find a made up Coanee because their powerful tribe leader, Sakson, planned to kill Gerry instead of kicking him out. Gerry teams up with Coanee to fight Sakson and his tiger bodyguards and defeats them. He tells them that he survived on plants and ended up becoming more powerful than Sakson. The whole village now eats plants and coexist with dinosaurs that no longer fear the cavemen.

Characters (still working on it):

Gerry: grew up not really into physical activities, but more interested in why things are the way they are.

Barron: very athletic, competitive and clever.

Coanee: almost dog, labrador, golden retriever but energetic like a happy seal.

Sakson: The tribe leader. very serious, to the point, doesn’t show much emotions, reserved and commanding.

Grandma: the wisdom and guide to Gerry. She is experience and seen it all. 

Armadillo: Gerry’s pet companion that keeps him company

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