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Terrorspace - Kennedy Tarrell - Week 1

Hey all! I know this might run a little long. Brevity is not a skill of mine. Working on it, though!


Terrorspace – Horror, Comedy (Horromedy?) Working Title. 

Tagline: Turns out that outer space is actually crazy horrifying, and humanity  realized they’re the small fish in a big, dark, heavily-armed pond.  When a young and  stubborn patrol agent, Atlas, is sent out to bring back a determined but crazy “space explorer”, they are trapped on the outside of humanity’s closed door.

Description: Humanity’s conquered space travel, and they’ve decided that it is a  bad, bad, terrible idea.  Turns out we are an incredibly un-advanced species compared to the rest of the galaxy, and the earth’s leaders have decided that there’s no point being an ant that willingly wanders under a magnifying glass. NASA is now just an organization dedicated to keeping people far away from space.  Atlas is a young patrol agent at the edge of the solar system tasked with bringing back a rouge but “I’m talking tinfoil on the head kinda crazy” space explorer, but ends up accidentally helping the errant explorer and co. straight through a wormhole in to alien territory. The team gets the first real glance at the big, new world, and although yeah, outer space is crazy scary, atlas is forced to confront the idea that there’s more to life than safety.



TSA Agent #45115- Atlas

Vessel – Javert (Les Miserables), Jon Snow (Game of Thrones), Maebe (Arrested
Development), Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

Angle –  Atlas’s main priority is safety and order, and she’ll pick deliberate ignorance over change any day. Her increasing discomfort with bureaucracy changes that over time, until she realizes that there is a different kind of safety in growing and advancing.

Wants- Structure and security
Needs – Open-mindedness, faith

Relationships -  The Javert to Isadora’s Valjean, but increasingly Isadora is there to open her eyes. Moral compass to her crew until they start to see things Isa’s way


Vessel – Rock Lee (Naruto), Charlie Kelly (Always Sunny in Philadelphia), This one
friend that I have who never, ever gives up?

Angle –  Isa is 100% driven by determination, and she’s pulled to space utterly by her desire to see the outside. She doesn’t even see that she might be breaking the law, because curiosity overcomes all else for her. She’s also just a pretty bizarre person in general, and has just no social skills whatsoever, despite her genius getaway abilities

Wants- To see what’s out there
Needs – To place trust in others

Relationships -  The foil to all of Atlas’s attempts, but increasingly she learns to place trust in her capability after atlas has a change of heart. Gets along well with atlas’s crew, gains people who believe in her for the first time in her life. A big, big problem to the TSA-NASA, but not taken seriously until she’s already out in space.

Supporting Characters

Unnamed alien monsters, or, horribleterriblethings.
Vessel- Some kinda Lovecraftian monster, main character from Journey
Angle- Is outwardly crazy terrifying, but is actually more of a curious counterpart than a threat. Like Isadora, driven by curiosity.
Wants- To know what these 3-dimensional alien things are
Needs – I don’t really know, but probably to not be so scary looking? Communication skills, I guess
Relationships: Along with the rest of all outer space, humanity’s exact nightmare. But actually pretty cool. They eventually get along with the crew ok?

TSA Agent #89207- Eli

Vessel – A friend of mine from high school, The main character from Turbo? The Human guy?, David (Lilo and Stich)
Angle –  Eli is easily taken advantage of, and eager to do right by others. His determination and heart
Wants- Others to be happy
Needs – Courage
Relationships -  #2 on Atlas’ TSA team. His kindness and trusting nature represent the true human cost to Atlas. He is the first to realize that Isadora might be right, and a big factor in getting Atlas to change her mind.

TSA Agent #60404- Asif

Vessel – Sokka, (Avatar) That bomb guy  (Atlantis) My friend who can just keep his cool at all times, Shaggy (Scooby Doo)
Angle –  Really casual, along for the ride. But also pretty no-nonsense, and can cut to the chase.
Wants- To get the most fun out of life
Needs – Some focus.
Relationships -  #3 on Atlas’ TSA team.  He’s not really in to causing trouble, and is just as horrified as the rest when they cross over. Comedic foil to Atlas, pretty deadpan in general.

NASA-TSA Lead Hayes

Vessel- Commissioner Gordon (Batman), That old guy from Law and Order
Angle- Well intentioned-but close minded. Regrets not taking the situation seriously, increasingly desperate.
Wants- Order
Needs – Flexiblilty
Relationships- Views Atlas and crew as somewhat useless, but implores Atlas to think of humanity after they leave the safe zone. Antagonistic but with some good reasoning.


I was actually thinking about this project as being a webcomic the whole time, mostly because of its subtle visual horror nature. I know that doesn't necessarily come across this first pass.

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