Monday, April 11, 2016

Jade's Journal - Week 2 - Kennedy Tarrell

Jade’s Journal

I wrote this for pre-k (ages 2-5ish) so please excuse the incredibly simple plots and learning crammed into every episode! (Idk, I just think preschool programming has a lot of cool stuff you can do with it?)


Jade is the living embodiment of a five year old asking "Why?" all the time, and she has just one goal: fill up her research journal with every fact she can about the nature around her. Together with her little "co-researcher" brother, Jade attempts to catalog the world starting in her own backyard!

An aspiring environmental scientist and quick thinker, Jade (Age 6) is endlessly curious about plants, climate, and animals. Although she's full of questions, what sets Jade apart is her desire to find the answers herself. The comedic foil and occasional hapless tagalong to Jade’s antics, Rory is Jade’s two-year-old brother. He too is an eager (although bashful and mischievous) learner! Jade's journal focuses on teaching children ages 2-5 about their environments.  Because weather, animals, and geology vary from location to location, Jade’s interests span all climate zones, and she’ll often focus on things in nature that everyone faces. (Like gravity! You can’t escape that!)

Average Episode
Jade's passion for astronomy leads to a covert nighttime mission up to the roof. When Rory finds his sister noting constellations in her journal, he joins in on the mission! But his insistence on being "closer to the sky" forces jade to explain the power of telescopes.


1.) Jade starts the first chapter of her journal, and decides to press fall leaves in it to save. What is chlorophyl and why do leaves change in some parts of the world? Jade is determined to find out, while Rory is determined to jump in a pile of her pressed leaves.

2.) Rory's day: Rory decides to go on a research mission of his own: stalk the "wild" pet cat. When a series of accidents befalls the journal, it's up to rory to forge some findings! He's two, so this doesn't go well.

3.) It's a snow day! Jade's  finds a way to collect samples of snow "testing" only to find that her research has been assembled into a snowman! What can they learn about the climate from this guy?

4. ) Are cacti dangerous? Rory seems to think so! Jade and Rory take a trip to the kitchen windowsill to learn about these desert plants and their ability to retain water. Jade's succulent collection gets a little out of hand, and Rory has to teach her the art of subtlety in plant decorating.

5.) Rory gets a betta fish, and no, Rory, you just can't pet it. Instead, Rory and Jade assemble a cruelty-free fishtank! (That has to be a thing, right?!) What's the deal with fish, anyway? Rory and Jade find out.

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