Monday, April 11, 2016

Dane Armour HW Week 2

Nautilus Boy

Tagline: Sent to infiltrate and plot an invasion against the world above sea level, Nort the Nautilus must juggle the voices in his head, his pants and his heart as he navigates the trials and tribulations of Junior High.

Paragraph: Nort is an undercover Nautilus who is really just trying to fit in, live up to the expectations of his Father (and commanding General), pass all his classes, understand his hormones and out of control (literally) sex drive, not get beat up and win over the girl of his dreams.

Average Episode: Nort is really just a teenager who wants to live a normal life, problems and all, but everytime a normal teenage moral conflict rears it's head he is overwhelmed, conflicted between taking orders from his overbearing Father, meeting the demands of the student curriculum and surviving the social battle ground of school life. With every episode a seemingly simple problem spirals out of control as Nort runs around trying to please everyone, keep up the his admittedly poor disguise and reign in his over active sex drive.

Episode Ideas:

"Sex Ed": The final exam for Sex Ed is fast approaching, Nort and his rival Thorston (who hates Nort for usurping his place as biggest dork in the class) are both frantically putting the final touches on their projects when the class bully bursts into the library and destroys them both. Now Nort and Thorston must work together to make the best Sex Ed project ever!

"Sea Ahoy": Nort tricks his father into cancelling the invasion by inviting him to a school ball themed 'Under the Sea'.

"Excursion Incursion" : On a school excursion to the aquarium Nort realises the horrors of animal cruelty and plots to save the sea creatures on display with the help of his big crush, Elsa.

"Bully Bust" : After one too many toilet dunkings, Nort lashes out at the grade bullies, revealing his true identity and scaring them to hell. Now he must manage the awkwardly forced freindships with his abusers in order to stop them from spreading the word.

"Valentines Hush": It's Valentines day and Nort has finally built up the courage to tell Elsa he likes her, but his stray tentacle has it's sights firmly set on the substitute teacher.

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