Saturday, April 9, 2016

Andrew Freire HW 2: TV Pitch- "Flatworld"

1)   Tagline: In a world made of paper, mail is the primary mode of communication and mailmen are considered heroes and explorers who must brave epic journeys to deliver the mail at any cost.
2)   Paragraph: Franklin is a hard-working mail-carrier aspiring to be the world’s greatest mailman one day, like his long-lost father. One day, he receives a mysterious box in the mail from his dad. The Box springs to life and the two unlikely companions set out on a journey to help Franklin achieve his goal and find his missing dad.
3)   Average Episode: “Artsy Fartsy”: Franklin and Box are assigned to deliver a master painting to a museum in Coast City, but they must be careful, as there is a famous Art thief on the loose. On their way to the exhibit, they are intercepted by the thief. He steals the painting and they must retrieve in in time for the museum’s Grand Opening! After a long, painstaking, epic chase, they retrieve the masterpiece only to discover it’s a painting of a cartoon fart for a Modern fArt museum. Franklin and Box come to realize that art can be just about anything, and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.
4)   First 7 Episodes:
“Pilot”: Franklin, an aspiring mailman receives a mysterious package from his long-lost father.
“Firefrost Mountain”: Franklin must deliver the mysterious box he received from his father to the top of FireFrost Mountain. A redhead mailwoman named Rose and a hothead mailman named Hugo accompany him and the three unlikely partners must work together to reach the summit.
“The Mailstrom”: Franklin and Box are entrusted with the Postmaster General’s world-class Mailtruck- the “Mailstrom 3000”. After a joyride they end up stranded and have to get it back to HQ- learning the meaning of responsibility along the way.
 “Crash Course”: Hugo crashes the mail carrier plane on a deserted island. Franklin and Hugo must put aside their differences to survive.
Check, Mate”: Franklin and Rose are tempted to take the money and run when they discover a blank check for millions of dollars on their delivery route.
“Artsy Fartsy”: Franklin and Box must deliver a “masterpiece” to a modern art museum in LA.

 “Return to Sender”: Franklin, Hugo, Rose, and Box must journey to the Land of Lost Things to retrieve a package the Postmaster General lost many years ago.

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