Monday, April 4, 2016

HW 1 - Heel Turn?

I feel like this idea is still pretty early on but this class is all about working through the rough drafts right?

Tagline -

After A city wide redistricting initiative leaves Emma as the only human student in a highschool

for space monsters she must learn to survive after the team captian of the schools "Combat

Sports Team" takes an interest in her.

 Paragraph -

 Emma has only ever wanted to keep their head down , get good grades, and go to a nice

college. However, a city wide redistricting initiative happens just before she starts her

freshman year now making them the only human student at a space monster high school. On

her first day  she is recruited by the captain of the “Combat Sports Team” to take the

position of SHADOW RANGER! Now She must face off against the colorful superhero teams

of other schools as a villain!

Characters I have right now

oduct - I feel like this would be great to adapt for a game or figures!

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