Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kaitrin Snodgrass HW 2 "Campbell's Best Hero Crew"

Campbell’s Best Hero Crew 

TAGLINE: Three heroes use their ability to dance and magic in conjunction to save their town from destruction. 

Campbell City is steeped in magic and mythology. Although the people of the town embrace their magical culture they have not shied away from the Modern world. And as with most culture Modern dance crazes have also hit the town. Our heroes are bestowed with magical powers that they use in conjecture with their dance abilities.These heroes were summoned together because a dark force threatens the town of Campbell. A powerful wizard known as Master Nefarious wants to rid the city of all modernity and frivolous dancing. He uses evil talismans (which turn into statues when defeated) to create monsters and cast spells over the town. With their agile dance abilities and magical powers our heroes make a formidable team. If only they get over their differences to work together as a team.

Average Episode: A Wolf/Eagle hybrid monster summoned by Master Nefarious has been seen all over town destroying electronic shops. Our heroes have try to figure out why it is only attacking the electronic stores. At first they try to fight the creature head on but are quickly overpowered. After doing some investigate work the realize which store is the creatures next target. They set a trap and work together with some awesome dance/fight choreography to return the creature to his talisman form; a small stone statue. The day is saved ….kinda…they always seem to leave a lot of damage in their wake. 

1. Pilot "Straight outta Campbell”: Three friends who dance together witness a dark magic try to take a civilian. The three rush in to save her. After they save her Aida the Which appears before them. Impressed by their courage she appoint them as the New Guardians of the City and gives them each a power. To Ricky she gives the power of fire. To Shohei the power of Electricity and to Nakia the power of water. The heroes use their powers to defeat strange monsters and creatures that are being unleashed on the City of Campbell by Master Nefarious. 

2. “Let me Lead”: Ricky attempts to be leader when they fight a lizard monster but is bitterly defeated because he is too rash and doesn’t plan. Nakia then says she should be leader but has the opposite problem. She over thinks and is too hesitant. Shohei calmly asks if he could give a go since he’s been researching the monsters and their weaknesses. The other two begrudgingly agree. Shohei is a natural leader and the team works together to take down the monster. Nakia and Ricky excitedly exclaimed he should be the leader since he did such a great job. He shrugs and says “Nah..” episode ends on that note. 

3. “It takes one”: In a effort to prove himself to the other two Ricky decides to investigate the monsters appearances. He ends up getting captured by a monster and the other two have to save him. He’s embarrassed but learns the valuable lesson that he’s part of a team and doesn’t have to go it alone. 

4. “Don’t Sweat the Magic”: It’s a day in the life episode of Nakia. Between dance, super heroing, school, Piano Lessons and her part time job she feels a little stretched thin. The two boys don’t really understand why she’s seem so frazzled all the time. Till they realize how hard she works. The episode will cut back and forth between her daily life and fighting the monsters Master Nefarious sends their way. 

5.  “Mama said Keep it quiet” : A small group of young wizards with no regard for public safety start using magic in the streets endangering civilians. And our heroes have to stop them. Through out the episode however Nakia and Ricky discuss how they wonder what goes on in Shohei’s head. As the team tracks down and tries to apprehend these ruffians Nakia and Ricky’s theories get stranger and stranger. At the end of the episode they bring down the rogue wizards and get them in police custody. Ricky turns to Shohei after all the commotion. “Why do you stay so quiet Shohei?” Shohei shrugs “Well my mom always said if you can’t say anything nice.” Episode ends. 

6. “Fight the Power” : Master Nefarious Finally Shows his face to the town on all the screens. He exclaims how they’ve turned against the ancient ways and he wants to bring it back. A spell is placed on the town and they seem to go back in time. Our heroes have to figure out where the talisman is and how they can destroy it to return the town back to normal. Going to a maze like castle with riddles and monsters they find the talisman and destroy it returning the town to normal. Episode ends with the question “Who is this master Nefarious?” 

7. "Talking bout Magic and Juice" : ‘The Juice Shack’ is all the rage in Campbell now. Everyone is drinking it. Except Nakia and Shohei. Nakia believes they add to much sugar in that junk and it’s not healthy anyways and Shohei doesn't get why you would mix vegetables together to make an even more disgusting drink. Slowly the town starts acting strange, including Ricky. Everyone starts destroying their technology as if they are possessed. Its up to Shohei and Nakia to snap Ricky out of it and figure out why this is happening. Eventually they realized ‘The Juice Shack’ Is a front and Master Nefarious has put a spell on those who drank the beverages. After fighting the monsters (disguised as humans) who run the shack they are able to break the Talisman and return everyone to normal. 

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