Monday, April 4, 2016

Lorraine Witch Pitch - Technically Magic

Hi Everyone!

Here's a little about my pitch "Technically Magic" - A Scifi Magical Girl TV show! (Think of it like Digimon, Reboot, Madoka Magica mix meets Tron)

Amity is the youngest virus counteragent, who uses her magic-like abilities to remedy technology problems. In this world technology is so advanced that the average person sees it as if it was magic.

Witches can be good or bad, some use their abilities to fight malware while others use this ability to take advantage of people. Amity is a headstrong young counter agent in training who can sometimes be too cocky for her own good. After scoring high on a magical tech abilities test, she’s placed with 2 other agents to find out what is causing so many strong viruses are entering their city.

Main 3 (Amity, Wifi and Throttle, C.S.) 
Antagonist (Jenma and Mystery Virus)

Vessel: Amity knows a lot in theory but not in practice. She's very overconfident but also positive. Kinda like Hermoine-Luffy-Po Mix.
Angle: She's experiencing things in reality for the first time. Everything else she knows in theory from games/books/TV etc. She's been obsessed about learning about viruses.
Want/Need: Wants to be the best and to prove herself. Wants to be independent but actually needs friends to reach her goals.
Relationship: Main character.

Vessel: Very no nonsense. and Technical minded like my friend Grace. Also like Astrid or Tigress.
Angle: She's placed in the same group as Amity and would also like to be by herself but sees everyone as a hinderance. She is often correcting people(and is right!). Can sometimes be sarcastic.
Want/Need: Wants peace and quiet to write her own programs. Needs friends who have lots of interesting ideas and ways to do things.
Relationship: Secondary character. Provides practical information and keeps everything grounded.

Vessel: Takes things at her own pace. Very careful and safe. Kinda Marco, shihfu, Katara.
Angle: She takes things at her own pace. She was put in the group to get up to speed. However, she can also absorb lots of information and rarely forgets anything.
Want/Need: She wants to catch up to everyone. Needs friendship.
Relationship: Secondary character. A bit of comedic relief. (her jokes are only funny to herself)

Angle: Small floating computer thing.
Vessel: Kinda like Kero from card captor sakura or Luna from Sailor Moon.

Angle: She's the group leader. who runs the virus eradication organization. Very strong and mysteriousssss.
Vessel: def like Satsuki Kiryuin or that dude from Inspector Gadget

Vessel: Kinda like Hexxus from Fern Gully.
Here are the main 3 girls!

Product: Webcomic with cool motion graphics or a small virus collecting app if I can get one of my gamedev friends onboard.

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