Monday, April 11, 2016

Brian W - tv pitch: RDF

1)Tagline: An overzealous rookie cop is demoted and forced to join and coexist with a misfit group of peace loving environmentalists.

2)Danger girl meets baywatch with dolphins.

Rio Dolphin Force

An action comedy, set in the tropical region of Rio. An overzealous cop is demoted and put in a misfit group of environmentalists. The groups are at odds until they find out that they have a common enemy and need to work together in order to put a stop to the the evil biological experiments of the mega corporation

3)Each episode will start off with a problem that will develop some aspect of the story and involve a new biological monster or evil minion, ending in a climatic battle at the end. Kind of like power rangers, or sailormoon.

Each episode will contain one battle scene as well as one T & A scene.
Each episode will end with a narrative twist to make you want to watch the next episode

First major arc, would be the formation of the team and how they learn to cope and function as a team.


Episode 1
Beach scene.
Character setup
establish conflict between Sasha and the rest of the dolphin force.
and bad guy setup (mystery)
poachers (twins) taking some endangered starfish
battle scene: Poachers (twins) chase scene.
T&A: Starfish over chest during chase scene.
Twist: RDF blamed because of all the damage they caused during the chase.

Episode 2
RDF girls pose as the twins and bring the endangered starfish to a fancy aquarium in downtown RIO
girls are led into a secret area, showing all kinds of rare and endagered animals
T&A: twins undercover outfits
battle scene:

Episode 3
Intro to villains. Poachers are broken out of prison by ninja agent posing as their lawyer.
Sasha reprimanded for destroying public property during chase last episode
battle scene: prison break.
T&A: Guard seduction by ninja agent
Twist: the poachers have had a homing device planted on them.

Episode 4
Sasha and Leila jump the gun and tail them to their hideout. Dance club.
Introduce the poachers as part of a larger organization with a mastermind behind it all.
Battle scene:Sasha and Leila are discovered as undercover agents and have to fight their way out.
T&A:Sasha and Leila go undercover as dancers.
Twist: Dance club leads to a secret facility.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

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